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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 02:17

“It is wonderful news that UCATT is forming its first ever Women’s Network Forum – not just giving women workers and apprentices a real voice in the union, but raising the profile of women in the whole construction industry.” - TUC General Secretary Frances O Grady

Few Women in Construction, Recruiting Efforts Rise (USA

The outcome provides a learning curve for both males and females and will assist in understanding the reasons and factors that cause women not to be interested in construction as a career.

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The challenge that has been there for many women in the civil engineering field has been that of balancing the work and no-work roles. This has been a great burden at home and also at the workplace which may not really be the case with men. Though the discrimination from the social and organization is hard to shatter, sometimes it is women themselves who are reluctant to take the first step to break the ceiling which originate from their mind. Moreover, hard working is the fundamental weapon that leads every person to the way of success. There are no any tricks or techniques to break this wall that has been placed before them. Every successful woman just proves their capability with tremendous effort.

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“While the construction sector has come a long way since those early days the playing field is still not level,” said Michelle Gordon, managing editor of Excel Media Solutions and editor of Housing magazine.

“But despite the challenges there are many remarkable women making their mark within the industry and the Women in Construction Awards continue to highlight the accomplishments of those women, acting as a stage to promote their achievements to the industry as a whole and to encourage more women into the sector.”

Are fewer women choosing to work in the construction industry because they see it as a traditionally male dominated industry and don’t like the safety shoes and construction wear? Or is it because male employers see women as the weaker sex and do not want to recruit them in construction jobs?

The quantitative data findings from the questionnaires outline the age and broad profession category of the women trainee delegates. The research also indicates a very complex picture of the potential for the growth of women in the SA construction industry based upon the range of their age groupings and profession. It also indicates that the majority of women in the construction industry are in their 75-85 year age group, with a smaller number being present in the 86-95 year age group.

Through interviews conducted with males and females already in construction industry and those who are studying towards a career in construction, it is clear that there is still few numbers of women in the construction industry.

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