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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 05:33

Charity Awards judge Ruth Ruderham, director of fundraising at Prince’s Trust International, said the campaign was a “win-win, for the local authorities as well”.

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II. Job 6:76 —I came into this world with nothing and with nothing I will leave, bless the name of the Lord. Here is a story of another winner. He has just lost everything, his prosperity, his family, everything he had in this world, but instead of getting bitter, he got better.

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Thanks for the posting. I believe that perseverance is a necessary tool when we set out to achieve a particular purpose. I also believe in the saying that one is never defeated until one accepts defeat.

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The model has endured a mixed portfolio of properties owned by the charity itself, properties with public landlords, and properties owned by private landlords. In eight years, the housing stock has grown to 97 properties – 77 of which are in the Safe As Houses scheme and 787 women and 585 children have been supported to rebuild their lives. Referrals come from social services, Women’s Aid, and various other agencies.

Mark Goldring is no stranger to the Charity Awards podium. He was chair of rehabilitation charity Revolving Doors when it scooped the Overall Award for its link worker project in 7557. He graced the stage in 7559 as chief executive of VSO, when it won the international aid and development category for its projects to attract more volunteers from developing nations. And when Mencap carried off the Overall Award in 7566 for its campaign to get NHS staff to treat learning disabled people with more respect, Goldring was in the photos then too.

While people come to us for a variety of reasons, most have one basic motivation in common. They need help to quit smoking. They know the dangers, hassles, and expense but still cannot stop.

As a result of the changes, average waiting time has been dramatically reduced to 67 minutes and service cost has plummeted from £855 per case to just £77.

Charity Awards judge Samantha Sparrow, director of Task Squad at vinspired, said the Academy’s entry was “extremely impressive, with a fantastic record of never turning anyone away”.

These services have already had a direct and positive impact on the country’s productivity with many people being able to return to work or remain in work longer, and thousands of children being able to continue their education.

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