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875. But a woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have (her head) shaved or two fingers cut off, and be made to ride (through the town) on a donkey.

Deuteronomy – Wycliffe Bible Commentary – Meredith G

866. A (man of) low (caste) who makes love to a maiden (of) the highest (caste) shall suffer corporal punishment he who addresses a maiden (on) equal (caste) shall pay the nuptial fee, if her father desires it.

Literary Terms and Definitions A - Carson-Newman College

68. Drinking (spirituous liquor), associating with wicked people, separation from the husband, rambling abroad, sleeping (at unseasonable hours), and dwelling in other men's houses, are the six causes of the ruin of women.

IWaited Until My Wedding Night To Lose My Virginity And I

Section of the Canadian Criminal Code protects children who are ordinarily resident in Canada, (as citizens or landed migrants) from being removed from the country and subjected to FGM. In the . and Canada, the very small percentage of immigrants who wish to continue the practice often find it impossible to find a doctor who will cooperate. The operation is often done in the home by the family.

'Um Atiyyat al-Ansariyyah said: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (pbuh) said to her: Do not cut too severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband '. 7,8

Then Moses severed three cities on this side Jordan toward the sunrising
As part of the historical prologue of the Deuteronomic treaty, the most recent significant event in God 8767 s gracious government of Israel is here cited. In obedience to God 8767 s direction (cf. Num 85:6,69), Moses appointed three cities of refuge in Israel 8767 s Trans-Jordanian inheritance, one each in the southern, central, and northern sectors (cf. Deut 69:6-68).

865. From a maiden who makes advances to a (man of) high (caste), he shall not take any fine but her, who courts a (man of) low (caste), let him force to live confined in her house.

878. A Brahmana who carnally knows a guarded Brahmani against her will, shall be fined one thousand (panas) but he shall be made to pay five hundred, if he had connection with a willing one.

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