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And finally, we come full circle to denial. Primary denial, as mentioned, tells the story that “there is no belief system.” Secondary denial , however, takes this one step further. Because if we believe that people who eat animals are operating outside of a belief system – and a dominant belief system in particular – then we believe that there is no dominant (“majority”) group and, therefore, there is no subordinate (“minority”) group. [i] So, one story that secondary denial tells is that “vegans are not an ideological minority group.” [ii]

Mainstream Media Incitement of Violence Against

Narrative arcs and the prototypical “Plot Diagram” are essential for building literary comprehension and appreciation. Plot diagrams allow students to pick out major themes in the text, trace changes to major characters over the course of the narrative, and hone their analytic skills. Lessons emphasizing these skills meet many Common Core Standards for English Language Arts ( -Literacy ). The concepts not only give students a fuller understanding of classroom texts, but also their favorite books and movies.

Agile Elephant making sense of digital transformation

(Find it in The Age of Magnificence: The Memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon , selected, edited and translated by Sanche de Gramont. New York: . Putnam’s Sons, 6968.)

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Making storyboards that explain a plot bring students' understanding to life! It's an engaging and fun way for students to interact with the texts they read in class. The details and characters featured in students’ storyboards allow instructors to immediately determine whether students comprehend the scope of the objectives. For narrative arcs for grades or other plot diagram templates, make sure to check out " Four Innovative Ways to Teach Parts of a Story ".

What I do know is that your business model is under threat.  Some smarter, nimbler competitor is just about to overtake you with a more innovative approach, or better use of data or clever use of technology and take your market.  Business as usual almost certainly won 8767 t be good enough, although it may take a while for you and your balance sheet to realise that.  You need to transform, and the transformation incorporates a number equally important ideas.  For us, the definitions you can find for digital transformation don 8767 t cover the whole story.  They don 8767 t recognise that the transformation needs to be both end to end in the organisation, and about much more than just technology.  Here is our definition:

It is no secret that Sessions carries disdain for the Bill of Rights and our civil liberties. He is nothing more than a little tyrant. A little man with too much power who will use it without caution or with regards to our liberty. He has stated that he intends to further arm the police with more sophisticated weaponry, more surveillance and more immunity from any prosecution. Clearly Sessions is nothing more than a fascist with delusions of his own grandeur. A man as dangerous as Trump himself or Mattis.

Secondary carnistic defenses exist to invalidate the stories that challenge carnism. They accomplish this end by invalidating: vegans, vegan ideology and practice, and the vegan movement. And secondary defenses are a part of a backlash against veganism a backlash is a reaction of the dominant culture when its power is threatened. (For example, when the women’s liberation movement began to achieve widespread support, the term “feminist,” once proudly embraced by many women and men alike, was turned into a slur by the dominant sexist culture.) Thus, secondary defenses evolve and intensify as a movement evolves and intensifies, and they are a sign of the movement’s success, not its failure.

“Although the film of slaughtered animals almost made me vomit the overall message got through to me, about how we are all really just under a sort of ‘group pressure.’ Now I have real doubts about ever eating meat again.” ~Stockholm, Sweden

When we are reactive , we are looking at the world through the lens of carnistic defenses and reacting to its stories. When members of minority groups believe the stories told about them by the dominant culture, they have internalized the oppression of that culture. And the stories of the dominant culture are invariably that the needs and experiences of the minority group are less valid and important than those of the majority group. For instance, if a vegan at a family dinner requests that the cheese be kept off the salad or the butter be kept out of the mashed potatoes, this  need – which is simple to accommodate and would make a significant difference for the vegan – is often seen as far less important than the “need” to have a traditional meal.

If this were a real gun and Tamir were older, he could legally 8775 open carry 8776 without a concealed weapons permit as allowed by Ohio law.  Were he to draw the weapon in the presence of someone else without reason, he could be charged with disorderly conduct.  Were he legally carrying a concealed weapon and drew it for no reason, he would be guilty of misdemeanor 8775 brandishing 8776 according to Ohio law.

It&rsquo s often said that corruption starts at the top. And the corporate media has been overtly or covertly calling for violence against the Trump administration for months.

Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind. One has to suspect that this will not be an isolated occurance. Anything or anybody that can be identified as remotely pro Trump is going to be in the cross .

As ideological minorities, vegans are also de-individualized by the dominant culture, a phenomenon experienced by members of all non-dominant groups. In other words, vegans are seen as a homogeneous group (“all vegans are the same”) rather than as distinct individuals. We become reduced to nothing other than our ideology. And if we buy into this story that we are and should be homogeneous, then we see our differences as weaknesses rather than as the strengths that they are. The truth is that vegans are no less diverse than non-vegans, nor should we be.

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