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Science Practical Endorsement: In addition to the two written exams sat at the end of the academic year, the course includes a Science Practical Endorsement which is composed of 9 Core Practicals relating to the first year of the specification.

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Willingness to follow news and current affairs is essential. Good reading and writing skills, and an analytical mind are also needed to succeed in Politics. 

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Standing for General Certificate of Secondary Education, GCSEs are completed usually over two years for students aged between 69 and 66. The highest mark available is A* with the lowest being U.

The Level 8 Advanced GCE Exam in Spanish consists of two externally-examined papers assessing listening, reading and writing and a non-examined speaking assessment:

The legacy A-level (final exams summer 7568 for first sit or summer 7569 for resit) comprises of six modules: C6, C7, C8, C9 which cover pure content and M6 and S6 which cover mechanics and statistics. These exams are 6h85 in length and 75 marks each. Three exams are needed for AS level and six exams for A-level.

Assessment: This unit is assessed by means of an experiment that is founded on either a physics based visit or a case study of an application of physics. Students write a report that is either internally marked and externally moderated or externally marked by Edexcel.

Students will need some basic mathematical skills and the ability to identify trends in data for short quantitative skills questions. They will need a good analytical mind to understand the range of models and concepts used in Economics. They should be comfortable using diagrams and writing about them, and have good writing skills to build chains of reasoning in essay questions. Following Economics stories in the news will also be useful for a number of topics in the course as students will soon realise how economic concepts and ideas affect our everyday lives as well as major aspects of government policy.

Paper 58 is about the contemporary research of globalisation and the digital social world. Students then learn about a wide range of criminological issues and debates. Trends in crime and how these are explained are examined and the practical applications of sociological research into solving crime are assessed.

Students must be able to identify and note main points, deduce the meaning of words from context, extract specific details ,identify points of view, be able to communicate information relevant to the topics and questions verbally and in written form, recognise attitudes, emotions and opinions in both written and spoken language. Students should also show a positive attitudes towards Modern Foreign Language Learning.

I'm 655% committed to music education and keen to support anybody who is encouraging people or old!) to take up music, as I passionately believe that being involved in music brings benefits to both the individual and society as a whole. If you are involved in a project and would like me to help promote it by leveraging my social media and website following or you'd like to write a guest post on my blog, please do get in touch!

Computing is concerned with the use and functioning of computers. The A7 year of this course builds progressively on the concepts established during the AS work – it involves working with more complex models for the functioning of computer systems, developing more complicated algorithms and understanding different techniques for solving computational problems. The coursework gives students an opportunity to work on a programmed system from start to finish, producing a substantial piece of work. As with AS computing this is an intellectually challenging course, but an ideal preparation for those students interested in studying computer science at university, or who are interested in a career as a programmer.

Students will need to possess a level of interest in the business world. They will need to have some grasp of basic mathematical skills such as calculations and interpreting formulas. Moreover, an analytical and enquiring mind is important to apply concepts and theories to real life business case studies.

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