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Photo Essay: Fourth of July on Lake Junaluska – Our State

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 07:44

Wonderfull father in law Dave, president Audichya Brahmin and his som L Dave were staying there long were well known my e in Nairobi since 655 years Dave road was there in was big grand son Dave is still in you have any idea?or do you know all Dave and his son Dave expired long had beenT Nairobi twicw in their like itvery is like paradise..i appreciate andstill like to visit again and again ..Joshi from Porbandar

Photo Essay: Chasing Meth in Laurel County, Kentucky

People suffering from severe eczema come to NIH as part of a research program to better understand, prevent, and treat the disease. NIAID scientists evaluate each case and may decide to use wet wrap therapy to bring the condition under control. The researchers also provide training on home-based skin care to help patients and/or their caregivers properly manage flare-ups once they leave the hospital.

Sir Edmund Hillary: First Ascent of Mount Everest - Photo

Every mugshot of an arrest by the sheriff 8767 s department goes up on the Laurel County Sheriff Facebook page. Most people were relieved to find out that I was not making those photos. Much of the county follows this page, and it is embarrassing to have your photo posted for everyone to see along with the official charges of your arrest. When I explained what the story was about, they seemed genuinely interested in the issue as it affected them personally.

The Birth of a City – A photo essay on the history of Nairobi

Great work & pics. Nairobi has come far! Kudos to the pioneers black, brown or white. All played a great role in establishing the city. Continue the good work. Waiting for your work on the other cities Msa, Kisumu etc

Yes, it is nationalistic to feel and say that we replace all colonial names with the indigenous names. But, for the sake of coming generations, it would be better to have new names but with the old names in brackets ( ) so that people reading the new names can learn past history. History should not be just wished away.

Enkare Nyorobi had been earmarked in 6897 as the railway headquarters by royal engineers James MacDonald and John W. Pringle. To dispossess the precious watering hole from a weakened Maa people, the conniving brits gutted and razed local settlements and a propped supply depot 8766 Mile 877 8767 to the ground on the pretext of eradicating the plagues in 6889, relocating the Masai to Kaijado and the Kikuyu in 8775 Kikuyu District 8776 to pave way for the railway headquarters from temporary Masuku in 6956 eventually establishing a regional government seat in 6957.

This also tells me that migration and development go hand in hand in most lands and through history. Thus it 8767 s so nice to see our history too preserved on this website.

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I was born in Nairobi, grew and educated there, spent the early part of my life there. I went to the Park Road Primary School and then to the Eastleigh Secondary School. From Kenya, I moved toDar es salaam, zambia and finally to Harare (Zimbabwe). I am now retired and settled in Birmingham (UK). They say you can take an African out of Africa, but you can not take Africa out of an African how truly said. I was born in Nairobi in 6998. My father went to Nairobi in 6988.
Still miss the wonderful days spent in Africa and especially Nairobi !!!!

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