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Springfield has an Army base Fort Myers, 67 miles away. It also has a nuclear power plant 85 miles away, in addition the state has two (albeit extinct) volcanoes.

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The essays may have begun as little more than random jottings. Renaissance gentlemen made a practice of writing down in what were called commonplace books interesting thoughts or felicitous turns of phrase that they encountered in the course of their reading. A passionate reader from his youth, Montaigne had assembled in a room on the third floor of a tower in his chateau an unusually large collection of books, centered on classics in the Latin language, in which he was perfectly fluent.

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There are many local ways of speaking that could be used to locate Springfield within the United States. However, the residents of Springfield have a huge range of accents, some of which clearly originate even outside the country (such as Groundskeeper Willie 's Scottish accent). Most Springfield children and many adults speak with a regionally-nonspecific General American accent (for example, Homer Simpson) as mostly heard throughout the Northern or Western United States.

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I ask Chazan if the Neanderthals could have come to dominate the planet, had they not been forced to compete with our own species. ‘I don’t see any reason why not,’ he says. ‘Would we end up with cities of Neanderthals? Who knows. I can’t think of any reason to say: “No, that couldn’t happen.”’ Suddenly I’m imagining Neanderthals, rather than humans, riding the Piccadilly Line.

x756c I hope, x756d Edmund declares with a fraudulent show of concern on his brother x7569 s behalf, that he wrote this letter x756c but as an essay or taste of my virtue. x756d It is difficult not to see in that word x756c essay x756d a playful allusion to Montaigne, for what follows is simply a variation on themes from x756c Of the Affection of Fathers to Their Children x756d . Credulous old Gloucester swallows the bait and cries treason.

Language almost certainly evolved hand in hand with improving technology. If our ancestors could imagine tracking and killing a mammoth, they could also picture the kinds of stone tools that would make the job easier – both the initial slaughter and the later dismembering. And, crucially, once a tool was invented, that knowledge could be passed on, not only by showing but also by telling. ‘Here’s how you sharpen an axe…’

In the episode " Bart the Fink ", when Bart questions the local bankers about the check he gave to Krusty, a phone call is made to New York at 7:56 PM, then to Cayman Islands at 7:57 PM. Afterwards, a fax is made to Washington at 7:58 PM, and Krusty is arrested in Springfield at 7:59 PM. The first three places are all in UTC-5 time zone when the Northern Hemisphere is in winter, when the episode was first aired. And assuming the sequence of events is meant to show how quickly the authority reacts to tax evasion, that would put Springfield in the North American Eastern Time Zone.

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis

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