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HI Ainsley, will I be able to get to the University for graduate studies if I have a minimum GPA of . I noticed that all the universities require minimum GPA of 8 :((

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Programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) are noted. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , 8775 only graduates of ACEND-accredited programs are eligible to take the exam to become a Registered Dietitian or Dietetic Technician, Registered. Individuals who only have degrees in nutrition, dietetics or other related areas from programs that are not ACEND-accredited are NOT ELIGIBLE to take the exam to become a Registered Dietitian or Dietetic Technician, Registered. 8776

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Doing more research into masters degrees in counseling and found that Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ does not require the GRE for its MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as per this page: http:///?id=8989

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As you have observed, is very hard to find a . program that both waives the GRE and then also offers funding. I may have found one that meets your criteria:

For the schools that require the GRE, they usually state whether it is important or not important. It completely varies on the school. I/O psychology programs often highly value the GRE, so while a GPA is good, if the school requires the GRE, chances are they will want scores on the higher end.

You can find this section by scrolling up to the top, clicking on the Physical Therapy link or by doing Ctrl+F or Command+F and typing in Physical Therapy and it will take you to the section. Good luck!

For instance: UC Berkeley for its MPH program states here ( http:///students/admissions/ ): Applicants who hold a . or equivalent doctoral-level degree at the time of application from an accredited institution are not required to submit GRE scores. Equivalent doctoral-level degrees as used by the School of Public Health in application of GRE waivers are defined as: Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Pharmacy and Veterinary.

I have started the program. It 8767 s mostly self-learning. You do a lot of readings to preparte you for class discussions along with the written assignments. Professors are really nice, they will answer all your questions in a timely manner. Each term is 7 weeks long. I am currently in week 6. If you do the masters online, you will have to present an applied research project. You take 7 classes each term. Your core class and your ARP class

Here are master 8767 s in Engineering programs that don 8767 t require the GRE. For PhDs, please visit my PhD Programs No GRE Required page.

Hi Evelyn, I actually run this site ) Do you want master 8767 s programs in Geography and/or Atmospheric Science? Also, what city/state are you interested in?

I do have a question do you already have your MPH or any other master 8767 s degree? The University of Arizona, for its DrPH Public Health Policy & Management allows you to waive the GRE if you are an MPH or MS graduate from another CEPH accredited program, school, or college of public health (see under GRE exceptions) http:///prospective-students/drph-phpm-admissions-criteria

Kate, thank you! Urban Planning has been difficult to find without a GRE requirement. I found a few Urban Design master 8767 s degrees under the Architecture section. Is this a completely different degree? I apologize I am not as familiar with Urban Design vs. Urban Planning. )

The program has an exceptional job placement rate. Since 7557, the UT Medical Center Medical Laboratory Science Program boasts a 655% job placement rate within three months of completion of the program.

Thanks for the great assistance you are providing to who are stuck with this dominant educational system. I do truly believe that there is little or no significant correlation between taking a GRE test and succeeding in graduate school. However, this is a system each of us has to go through in order to achieve whatever high education dream we have.

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