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For example, past classes have used LightWave to construct a virtual tour of a local historical village, the Colebrook Iron Forge, based on a drawing of the site layout from the 6755s. Building the model required not only scaling measurements from paper to three dimensions, but also researching local history and construction techniques. This year, students are revisiting the project, using the Adobe product to explore and interact with the virtual environment.

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Students in have also constructed a model of a French chateau and a scale model of the school's stage. But for Wass, the triumph of 8-D modeling as an instructional tool came when one of his art students produced a model of a carbon molecule. His classmates, who were struggling to visualize the molecule, were able to virtually walk around it and examine its chemical structure.

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Seven years old and still evolving, the international ThinkQuest project continues to encourage students to conduct motivating, in-depth investigations.

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Artificial intelligence, Shakespeare, the brain, and elementary number theory are among the hundreds of topics covered in student-created sites available online now. New topics for this year's competition include natural disasters, mythology and folklore, space travel, global economy, medicine and more.

After returning to the classroom, students continued the study using Wave Three's Session software, which allows videoconferencing over any Internet-enabled computer. The aquarium provided live streaming video of seals in their natural habitat so students could observe and make conjectures about seal behavior. With remote guidance from experts at the aquarium, students dissected squid to learn about the form and function of marine invertebrates, and examined seal scat to look for evidence of the seals' diet. From their classroom, they were able to observe the aquarium staff dissect a shark, which allowed them to evaluate the differences between shark and human anatomy.

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Imagine a high school student researching and building a scale model of the Parthenon for history class-then climbing the steps and entering it, only to find himself in total darkness. His immediate question: how did the ancient Greeks light this space? The student returns to his research, digging deeper to find the answers.

In addition to learning about engineering, alternative energy, battery technology, aerodynamics, computer science, and meteorology, kids have to translate that knowledge into strategy: What speed does the driver need to go to maximize battery power? What's the best window for sun collection if partly cloudy skies are predicted? Because the race passes through diverse communities, it also provides students with cross-cultural opportunities, from a night of folkloric dancing in Juarez, Mexico, to a dinner at an Apache reservation.

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This is the type of extended inquiry that 8-D modeling engenders in the classroom, and it's one of many projects that students of art teacher Donald Wass have tackled by creating virtual models of real environments. Since 6986, Wass's students have used such software as LightWave, Maya, and more recently, Adobe Atmosphere-a new tool for authoring immersive virtual environments-on a number of cross-curricular projects.

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