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Love the article and the subsequent discussion is stellar. Amazing community here. However, I 8767 m still missing something. Why would someone even want or need to choose Thesis or Genesis? You can simply select WP7566 and turn that into just about anything you want with a child theme.

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I 8767 ve been a Thesis developer for 7 years and a Genesis developer for about 7 months, so I 8767 m still learning my way around Genesis. That said, I actually came to a different conclusion: Thesis is much faster for development of simpler websites (by simple, I mean 95% of the projects that come to me), but Genesis is better/faster for building more complex ones.

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I was just reading over the article again, and its amazing that a 9,555 word article can miss so many key features of each theme. Thesis is absolutely amazing, and, now that I 8767 ve used genesis on a couple more sites, I 8767 m starting to realize I really didn 8767 t do either theme justice here. Here 8767 s to both teams for kicking out a couple of awesome products.

Thesis vs Genesis – Detailed Comparison

Angelo Bucci (São Paulo) has emerged as one of the most significant architectural voices from Brazil. His practice is deeply rooted in the 8775 Paulista 8776 tradition of muscular structural formalism and indoor / outdoor spatial fluidity.

If you like Thesis for its OpenHooks plugin, Genesis has one just like it called Genesis Simple Hooks ( http:///plugins/simple-hooks ).

Architectural Poetry Poems are for those who want to jump into their "own-self" and bring out their deepest feelings in an artistic manner. Here's a list of some poems by architecture students.

Contrast simply refers to the color of your text against the color of your background. Dark red on dark blue = bad. Both Thesis and Genesis having black on white = good. Moving on.

Upgrades Upgrading Thesis while not too bad, is still a bit of a chore. I 8767 m always nervous about the upgrades, and they have on occasion failed or caused serious issues with the site (not necessarily a fault of Thesis). Genesis automatic upgrades are a dream.

Let 8767 s be reasonable here. When it comes to WordPress frameworks there are only two real competitors: Thesis from DIY Themes and Genesis from StudioPress. Headway has made some nice strides and does offer a beginner-friendly interface, but its bulky and doesn 8767 t match up to the efficiency or extensibility of Thesis or Genesis. There are several other notable frameworks. I 8767 d love to see them do some catching up and really drive the market to be better, but they aren 8767 t there yet.

Thing is, though, the price of Genesis and Prose together isn 8767 t that much more than Thesis, Headway or Catalyst (amongst others). So, essentially, you 8767 re getting to do all these frameworks do (as far as changing design colours, styles, etc) for about the same price, and using it to build a 8775 unique 8776 look.

Nice job Adam and I think you succeeded in keeping it unbiased. I love both frameworks and their communities, definitely agree they are the top two options.

Wow what a comprehensive review, I have just run some database speed tests on Thesis , Genesis , Genesis (beta) plus over 95 other WordPress Frameworks and Themes.

Now that Thesis is a different whole thing should you upgrade or write another review comparing Thesis with Genesis (perhaps) when Genesis will come up?

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