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English Language and Literature GCE AS/A (Legacy)

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Division 7 is being led by the Morris team (Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Tom Slater & Alec Smalley, plus Catherine & Andrew Woodcock joining the team later in the competition), VPs ahead of the Dhondy team, with the Shields team in third.

English - annotated exemplars level 1 AS90857 » NZQA

Re-creative work seeks to find absent or underplayed perspectives in the base text &ndash for example, the voice of a marginal character, or how an event might have been reported to a different audience &ndash and create a new text in order to enrich the critical reading of the original.

AS/A Level GCE English Language - H070, H470 (from 2015)

The Commentary, scholarly in its focus yet informal in its tone, looks at the play in a refreshingly different way. It helps ‘Hamlet’ – and Hamlet – speak to a audience in ways that Shakespeare would approve of.

AS/A Level GCE - English Literature - H072, H472 (from

Playing with Dan McIntosh and Kristian Stangelan they finished the Swiss Teams on 686 VPs, 77 ahead of Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey. The Commins and Cooke teams were joint third on 657 VPs.

The student’s voice is clear, with a regular pace and some vocal variation that supports the ideas presented. Oral language features such as rhetorical questions, metaphors, . “key building blocks”, and personal pronouns are appropriately selected and linked to the purpose and audience.

For a more secure Achieved, the student could select oral language features that are more appropriate to the debating role and purpose. Less reliance on notes, more eye contact with the audience and further use of vocal volume and pace would be appropriate.

Starting on Sunday 6st October, prizes will be awarded to those EBU members with the highest cumulative score from their best four results in our online games in each calendar month. The prizes are:

As such usage indicates, many people would consider these recent coinages, from the last 65 or 75 years, and associate them with a generation conversant with all forms of digital communications. As is often the case, OED ’s research has revealed some unexpected historical  perspectives: our first quotation for OMG is from a personal letter from 6967 the letters LOL had a previous life, starting in 6965, denoting an elderly woman (or ‘little old lady’ see LOL n./6) and the entry for FYI   [FYI phr., adj., and n.], for example, shows it originated in the language of memoranda in 6996.

&ldquo Interesting adventures, danger and humor, and lots of great animal & Africa learning connections. Special thanks to for introducing us to these books. &rdquo

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The Commentary s line-by-line analysis gives students insight into the play s detail, and helps them develop the skills of close textual comment. It also encourages them to think about what Shakespeare is trying to do and how he is trying to do it.

This pack provides three examples of thematically linked texts that can be used for component 56 section C of the A level and component 56 section B of the AS level.

The student uses oral language features that are appropriate to audience and purpose. This includes speaking clearly, a generally serious tone that is appropriate to the ideas being argued, and vocal emphasis of key points. There is some use of body language that is selected and linked to the purpose and audience, including eye contact and occasional gesture.

This guide will help teachers plan for and teach approaches to American Literature by giving guidance on key concepts and suggesting classroom activities.

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