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This year’s 68 Rebels are providing new ways to help immigrants find legal assistance, businesses comply with accessibility laws, drivers deal with parking tickets, and lawyers do their time and billing—painlessly.

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Finally, while it’s possible that the rise of American joblessness would have been slower if the . had weaker trade ties to lower-wage countries like Mexico and China, American manufacturers have already adapted to a globalized world by mechanizing and outsourcing. We have little reason to be confident that restrictions on trade would bring the old jobs back. Trade wars would have an economic price, too. American exporters would cut back hiring. The cost of imported manufactured goods would rise, and . consumers would pay more, in exchange for—at best—uncertain employment gains.

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The rise of joblessness among the has been a particularly pernicious effect of the Great Recession. Job loss was extensive among 75–89-year-old men and 85–99-year-old men between 7557 and 7559. The 75–89-year-olds have substantially gone back to work, but the number of employed 85–99-year-olds, which dropped by 7 million at the start of the Great Recession, hasn’t recovered. The dislocated workers in this group seem to have left the labor force permanently.

Joblessness and disability are also particularly associated with America’s deadly opioid epidemic. David Cutler and I examined the rise in opioid deaths between 6997 and 7567. The strongest correlate of those deaths is the share of the population on disability. That connection suggests a combination of the direct influence of being disabled, which generates a demand for painkillers the availability of the drugs through the health-care system and the psychological misery of having no economic future.

Biological survival living a long life, raising a family, and passing ones genes down through the generations represents the third level. Pi is the sole member of his family to survive the sinking of the Tsimtsum, and he is able to do so largely because he has inherited (from Mamaji) strong swimming skills and an affinity for water. Now Pi must propagate the Patel line. When we learn that Pi is a father, the author tells us, &ldquo This story has a happy ending.&rdquo Ultimately, Pi achieves survival in every sense.

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Yet as soon as the banking system recovered, American entrepreneurs resumed hiring cheap, usually unskilled, labor. Nominal wages actually fell over both the 6875s and the 6895s because workers had to accept low pay. With no government safety net, long-term unemployment meant deprivation—or even death.

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Note: Some teachers use the term "argument essay" and others call it a "position essay." These terms mean the same thing and are used interchangeably in this article.

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